Cry me a river of tears so we can put them into our closed pools this summer.



Kick in the teeth: Lack of lifeguards got the blame

Told ya!

In November 2019, we called a summit of sorts to get the lifeguard training on super-charged levels. More at

This all evaporated with the virus.

We are also in a chicken and egg situation with a "generation" of kids who don't want to work at the pool because they didn't grow up at the pools with lots of fun things going on throughout their youthful years. The pressure to be a guard, get the training, be outdoors -- when that's not your LOVE is too much.

Houston. We have a problem.

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Swim, SKWIM and water polo coach in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, that also serves as an advocate for playing well with others in our aquatic settings, that are often closed in afternoons, evenings, nights, weekends, holidays and throughout the summers, sadly. Webmaster at the International Swim Coaches Association,,, and

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