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20 years ago, on the freezing cold morning of February 11, 2001, Three Rivers Stadium was demolished.Three Rivers Stadium wasn’t always pretty, but it was fun. The stands would sway, the noise would swirl and a Marlboro sign somehow dwarfed the scoreboard.Three Rivers is where the Pirates became a family, Roberto Clemente picked up his 3,000th hit and Willie Stargell windmilled his bat and mashed.It’s where Franco Harris (immaculately) caught the ball, Terrible Towels waved and Cowher Power led the Steelers to a Super Bowl.Three Rivers didn't just hold sports; it's where Elton John and Billy Joel jammed together and the Rolling Stones made their much-anticipated Pittsburgh return in 1989.50 years after Three Rivers Stadium opened, this hulking chunk of concrete on the North Shore is probably much more beloved now than it was during its existence — and has entered the pantheon of Pittsburgh history.
3RS from P-G from 20 years ago

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